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Amond World, California Almond Storage Facility, Solar-Powered Microgrid

Burns designs microgrid for cold storage facility serving almond producers in California’s San Joaquin Valley.

Amond World is developing a state-of-the-art refrigerated cold storage facility in the Madera Airport Industrial Park. The facility will be able to maintain quality for 50 million pounds of freshly harvested almonds.

Supporting Scale Microgrid Solutions, Burns is guiding Amond World on design and construction of multiple off-grid distributed energy resources. Burns will provide electrical and structural engineering services, as well as construction administration, for the facility’s electrical and mechanical systems.

Energy resources include:

  • Two 1,200-kW natural gas generators
  • 1,200 kW rooftop solar arrays
  • 1,125-kW battery energy storage system
  • Central microgrid switchboard and controller

The cold storage facility is scheduled to complete construction in 2023.

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Key team members on the project

Philip Gonski, PE

Director, Power & Utilities