Delaware River Port Authority, PATCO’s Lindenwold Shop and Office Improvements

Burns leads design of new workplace amenities, workshop facilities for rapid transit system serving Philadelphia and New Jersey.

The Port Authority Transit Corporation (PATCO) operates a 14.2-mile rapid transit line between Center City Philadelphia and South Jersey. More than 38,000 daily riders are protected by the constant vigilance of the dedicated transit workers who maintain the Speedline out of PATCO’s Lindenwold Shop and Office facility.

The shop drives performance of the PATCO system, ensuring vehicles are maintained and operating properly. To help PATCO workers stay well rested, trained and prepared, owner and operator Delaware River Port Authority (DRPA) is renovating the shop and the PATCO headquarters.

Redesign of the 32,000-square-foot facility will create a modernized, more energy-efficient and productive workplace. Improvements to the working environment are expected to improve worker morale, in the process increasing overall productivity, engagement and job satisfaction.

Burns is contracted to lead all project management tasks involved in the reconfiguration, retrofit and upgrade of the Lindenwold, New Jersey facility, as well as the following engineering services:

  • Mechanical,
  • Electrical,
  • Plumbing,
  • Structural,
  • Communications, and
  • Security.

In addition, Burns evaluated the rail maintenance shop’s work area, service pits, turntables, embedded track, posted rail, track pedestals and pit drains for proposed repairs and rehabilitation.

Shop and headquarters design elements envision more open floor plans, renovated and expanded workplace and common areas, and new shared welfare spaces such as kitchenettes and break rooms. Corresponding proposed structural modifications include:

  • Second-floor expansions over the open spaces,
  • Removal of bearing walls to provide more open locker rooms, and
  • Relocation of air handling units onto rooftop-mounted steel dunnage.

Burns is tasked with replacing mechanical and electrical equipment past its useful life with more energy-efficient and functional alternatives. Mechanical designs include upgrading heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems as well as plumbing systems and fixtures. Workplace enhancements include communications, audio-visual and IT service modifications.

Upgrades include the following sustainability enhancements:

  • Addition of daylighting through new windows at the second floor.
  • Replacement of existing RTUs with new RTUs featuring energy recovery.
  • Conversion of electric duct heaters (EDHs) to Variable Air Volume (VAV) boxes with reheat.
  • Installation of occupancy sensors within rooms to conserve power.
  • Changing all lighting to LED fixtures with new lighting controls.
  • Installation of energy metering local to the building.

As a critical factor in the success of the project, Burns has prepared a detailed construction staging and phasing strategy to accommodate PATCO’s need for continuous operations.

Burns is a long-time solutions provider for DRPA/PATCO railway systems and facilities. Current engagements include consulting DRPA on PATCO yard renovations, PATCO stations roof replacements and elevator installations, the PATCO Franklin Square reopening,  and implementation of a solar power project along PATCO properties.

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Location: Lindenwold, NJ
Railroad & Transit
Client: Delaware River Port Authority

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