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New York City Department of Environmental Protection, Facilities Planning and Upgrade of Newtown Creek Water Pollution Control Plant

The Newtown Creek Water Pollution Control Plant is the largest of New York City’s 14 wastewater treatment plants. In operation since 1967, the plant serves over one million residents and a 15,000 acre drainage area.

As a key subconsultant, Burns’ provided facilities planning, structural engineering and design and construction support services for the 10-year, $5 billion expansion and improvement program to upgrade the existing 310 MGD plant to an ultimate capacity of 700 MGD. Facility improvements include:

  • Replacement of existing equipment and facilities
  • Installation of additional equipment

Burns role included:

  • Facilities planning
  • Structural engineering design
  • Construction support services

Major components of Burns’ structural design were the disinfection facilities, support building, grit/aeration/sedimentation tanks, screening and residuals building, sludge loading dock, underground influent and effluent conduits, nature walk and construction management building.

The full upgrade, bringing the plant into compliance with the Water Pollution Control Act Amendment of 1972 was completed in 2014.


Brooklyn, NY


New York City, Department of Environmental Protection


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