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Orlando International Airport, Virtual Ramp Control System

Burns provides project management consulting services for the first U.S. Category X airport VRC system.

As part of a $2.7-billion Orlando International Airport (MCO) South Terminal C capital improvement program, Greater Orlando Aviation Authority (GOAA) will enhance safety and efficiency through continuous collection of highly detailed ground-control information, all while avoiding costly construction of an unnecessary ramp tower.

By transitioning to common use control of the terminal’s Airport Operations Center, GOAA assumes full responsibility for ground control for flights arriving to and departing from Terminal C. To address line-of-sight concerns at the high-traffic flight ramp, GOAA implemented a $7-million Virtual Ramp Control (VRC) system.

The VRC uses a mix of cameras, radar, communications systems, analytics, video walls and other “smart” technologies. Controllers receive unobstructed view of taxiing planes, building obstructions and passing ground service equipment. The VRC can ultimately reduce taxiing time and avoid jet fuel consumption by integrating analytics on:

  • Flight schedules,
  • Weather conditions,
  • Ground traffic and more.

Learn more about VRC systems on Burns Insights: Virtual Reality Reducing Airport Congestion.

Burns’ responsibilities included coordination of planning, design and construction activities related to the VRC system and Multilateration (MLAT) field equipment.

Rather than rely on documented proposals, Burn facilitated a two-step procurement process. GOAA invited short-listed VRC and MLAT vendors to participate in a technology demonstration, assisting officials in selecting the chosen vendor and in developing their staffing and management plan for the new VRC functions.

Other Burns projects performed for GOAA at MCO include an airfield lighting assessment and Terminal C technology and multi-media system specialty engineering.


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