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Temple University, Microgrid Campus Infrastructure Modernization

The Temple Microgrid Project is on the forefront of an important, transformational change in how power is generated, distributed and consumed. Temple’s new modern and fully functional microgrid is a localized electric grid that can disconnect from or “island” from the traditional utility electric grid by utilizing its own on-site distributed generation. This provides the campus with increased reliability, resilience and safety by enabling the campus to continue functioning when the main grid is down. It also provides Temple with ample capacity for future expansion and the opportunity to effectively manage peak loads, and reduce their cost of electrical power.

This project was awarded a 2015 ACEC/PA Diamond Award for Engineering Excellence in the Energy category.

Burns provided engineering, design and construction support for the modernization of the electrical infrastructure at Temple’s main campus in Philadelphia, PA. This campus-wide, three year and $15 million program extended to every corner of Temple’s 105 acre urban campus. Burns helped Temple achieve its ambitious goals for this project, including:

  • Providing the campus with a modern, efficient and resilient electrical infrastructure that enables Temple to achieve its “Temple 20/20 Master Plan” for expansion into a world class institution of higher learning
  • Completing the installation of over 14 miles of underground power cable and two major substations with minimal disruption to campus operations
  • Promoting the benefits of modern microgrid technology with a resilient system that withstands electric grid disruptions and enables the campus to continue serving its 31,500 students and 4,100 employees
  • Paving the way for power resiliency and energy innovation in the region


Philadelphia, PA


Temple Univesity


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Key team members on the project

Michael Walton, PE

Vice President, Facilities & Infrastructure – Philadelphia Region