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For more than 50 years, Burns has helped the rail and transit industry implement proven, time-tested, and fail-safe systems for passenger rail, light rail, subway, and automated guideway programs. We are fully invested in providing advanced, adaptable systems that maximize the benefits of constantly-evolving technologies to help our clients deliver a safe, world-class passenger experience.

Burns provides specialized engineering services to help maintain, improve, and expand the nation’s railroad and transit infrastructure. We have designed and supported the implementation of critical programs across the country and support the renewed emphasis on a public transit-oriented lifestyle. With a thorough owner-level understanding of project goals, constraints, and potential pit-falls, we deliver our clients safe, practical, real-life solutions to their railroad and transit challenges.

Our Capabilities Include

  • AC and DC Traction Power Systems
  • Automated People Movers
  • Commuter, Light, and Passenger Rail
  • Interlockings and Crossovers
  • Intermodal Terminals and Stations
  • Modern Street Car Systems
  • Overhead Catenary Systems
  • Positive Train Control Systems
  • Resilient Electric Charging Infrastructure
  • Shops and Maintenance Complexes

We are proud to have helped a number of our clients implement Positive Train Control (PTC) systems.

We trust Burns' specialized engineering expertise - their guidance helps drive project success. There are no surprises when you work with Burns, just consistent, reliable results.
Jason White, CEO - Hitachi Rail STS USA
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