Electric Bus Fleet

The route to net-zero emissions can be daunting.

Clients trust Burns to map out, navigate and deliver project success.

Successfully converting vehicle fleets involves a deep understanding of energy analysis, fleet facilities logistics and operations, resilient power, and alternative fueling infrastructure. Burns has the expertise in these areas to:

Inspire with unparalleled knowledge of potential solutions, program leadership, and stakeholder alignment to provide an actionable path forward.

Create integrated financial, transportation, advanced power, and alternative fueling solutions, while addressing maintenance and operational parameters.

Deliver charging and fueling systems with “future-proof,” scalable infrastructure that achieves goals of carbon neutrality, operational reliability, and financial performance.

Engineering Solutions & Core Competencies

Sustainable Energy Planning & Management
Optimized millions of carbon neutral investment dollars through energy demand management savings, peak flattening, grants, alternative procurement methods and business models, and incremental expansion.
Fleet Facilities and Operations
Engineered over 15 million SF of fleet facilities, creating solutions that integrate constrained spaces, workflows, critical operations, optimal charging systems, alternative fueling infrastructure, and related logistics.
Power and Resilience Engineering
Engineered over 500 MW of resilient distributed generation for transportation and critical infrastructure with state-of-the-art technologies and systems.

Our Capabilities Include

  • Vehicle, technology and equipment assessments
  • Grants and incentives
  • Site planning and operational logistics
  • Electrification phasing and implementation roadmaps
  • Charging infrastructure design
  • Alternative fueling delivery, storage and distribution systems
  • Metering and communication design
  • Power load forecasting, management and capacity assessments
  • Energy and power modeling
  • Distributed energy generation, storage and resilience
  • Fleet telematics systems
  • Intelligent transportation systems
  • Utility interconnection
  • Construction engineering
  • Program and project management

Leadership Team

The Burns team is led by dedicated transportation facilities and energy experts who understand the operational needs of fleet facilities, energy economics, resilient power infrastructure, and alternative fuel systems. They are proactive thought leaders in the areas of rapidly changing technologies and industry conditions. This powerful combination of leadership delivers real solutions.
David J. Smith
Director of Energy Services
David has more than 30 years of experience helping clients navigate the rapidly transforming energy landscape.
Erica Antoine, PE
Railroad & Transit Project Manager
Erica has 15 years of experience in large scale transit and related infrastructure projects that improve sustainability and carbon neutrality.
John Drayton headshot
John Drayton, PMP
Zero-Emission Mobility National Practice Leader
John is an expert in alternative vehicle fleets with 30 years of experience guiding fleet management and transit agency capital programs.